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  • AAA Alkaline Battery, 2 Pack

AAA Alkaline Battery, 2 Pack

  • Product Code: LR03-BP2
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Wholesale AAA Alkaline Battery, 2 Pack

Our Camelion brand AAA Alkaline Batteries will last just as long as the leading brands, guaranteed!

A battery works because electrons collect on the negative side of the battery. If you connect the negative and positive terminals, the electrons will run from the negative to the positive terminal producing electricity to operate a multitude of devices. By connecting some type of load to the battery using the wire you drain the battery slowly while producing enough current to operate your device. The load might be something like a bulb, a flashlight or another electronic circuit.

You will receive 2 AAA long-lasting Alkaline batteries for only $0.63 or, if ordering 288 or more packs the price drops to $0.54. That's $0.27 cents per battery! Remember, these are top quality batteries! Use our batteries in flashlights, radios, recorders, remote controls, clocks and countless other electronic products.

We guarantee our batteries to work, reliably, and at only a fraction of our competitor’s prices. Let CKB Products be your discount battery supplier!

Suggested Retail Price: $3.95
.08 pounds each. Item #LR03-BP2

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