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At CKB we realize the importance of carrying both high and low end binoculars at wholesale prices.  We also carry 5 types of binoculars to fit most any need, style and specification.  With a selection this diverse anyone can easily purchase the binocular set that's suits his/her needs.  Buying wholesale binoculars for specific tasks is easy when you know what you are looking for.  We have broken it down for you by binocular types.

Standard Binoculars
A standard, commonly referred to as full-size binoculars are frequently used for nature observation to sporting events.

Compact Binocular
Compact binoculars are smaller and lighter than full size binoculars and are a great to carry along to the theater, concerts or on hikes and hunting/camping adventures.

Wide angle Binocular
Wide angle binoculars are great for seeing quick moving action across wide areas such as race tracks, fields and wilderness areas.

Zoom Binocular
Zoom binoculars allow the user to magnify what they are looking at to easily focus on the details. From near to far, it's the best of both worlds.

Waterproof Binocular
Waterproof binoculars protect your binocular gear by making them resistant to water, fog, ice and rain as well as other less-than-pleasant weather conditions.

Another important thing to know is what the magnification means.  The magnification is the degree the object you are looking at is enlarged.  With a 10x50 binocular the object is magnified 10 times closer than without using the binoculars. The next number, in this case 50, appearing after the "x", is the size of the objective lens in millimeters.

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