Bartech Pro Knives

Barton Blades, launched in 2009, has produced it's first line of wholesale knives named Bartech Pro. Bartech Pro will provide high quality, low cost wholesale and discount knives. Our cheap ultra-low prices do not sacrifice quality for affordability. These knives are manufactured for quality and sold for low prices; well below comparable knives at other wholesale distributors. Superior craftsmanship for greater performance is our guarantee!

We now offer custom laser engraving on most knives at a cost less than any other wholesaler. Simply send us an email with the item number and desired quantity and we will quickly get back to you with a quote. Contact Us!

CKB Products is releasing Barton Blades and Bartech Pro brand knives to increase global market share in the sale of specialty knives. This means discount pricing and quality upgrades for you, the bulk buyer, reseller, drop shipper, distributor or end consumer! Check out our new brands, you will love our high quality and low price ratios!

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