What To Look For In A Knife Display Case
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What To Look For In A Knife Display Case

  • 24 Jun 22

Pocket knives can offer so much more than just functioning as a practical tool. Master craftsmen spend decades honing koftgari, hand engraving, and other artisan techniques through the use of the knife blade and handle that act as a canvas. Pay tribute to the enduring craftsmanship of luxury pocket knives by showcasing them proudly in your abode. If you are looking for a knife display case, here are several factors to look out for to get ahold of a suitable case that best matches your personal needs.

Knife Display Size

Display cases can vary in shape, size, color, price, and design. First off, you need to consider the size of your collection as well as the length of your knives. Ensure that you only invest in a display case that can accommodate your full knife collection. Display cases are designed to be able to hold just one knife or the whole collection at once. Pick one that can best fit the number of knives you have.

Knife Display Material

Think about the material of the display case lining and whether or not it has any effect on your knives. Any display case worth its salt comes with pockets and shelves that are lined with a soft material that can include velvet, felt, or cotton. These materials help to prevent the pristine exterior of your knives from being scratched. If the interior lining is made of felt, consider the dyes used in it and whether it can be absorbed into ivory, wood, bone, and other exotic materials. For display cases that are built from foam, they are not designed for prolonged use. The foam is a material that can easily break down over time and emit chemicals that can leave your knives looking cloudy. The foam also absorbs moisture which may produce rust on your blade.

Knife Display Humidity

Many users often make use of silica gel packs to maintain an optimal relative humidity of their display case. If you intend to use them, make sure to consider the preparation and replacement processes. Changes in age and temperature can cause the silica gel packs to release moisture which may damage your collection if left unattended. Silica gel packs are recommended to be baked before being used to reduce the excess moisture which can prevent this problem.

Knife Display Portability

Depending on the purpose that you are looking to achieve, you may wish to consider a portable display case. Will your display case be used at home, for travel, or both? If you are looking at getting a mobile display case, make sure it comes equipped with carrying handles and durable straps that make carrying more convenient and comfortable.

Knife Display Lid

The lid of your display case is one of the most important factors to consider. Apart from looking nice, a tempered glass lid will also provide you with a clear view of your knives so you can easily retrieve what you need. A tempered glass lid also looks sleek and is easy to maintain. Plexiglass is a good alternative that is equally durable but much more affordable.



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