What You Should Know About A Lighter Leash
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What You Should Know About A Lighter Leash

  • 13 Jan 22

If you are constantly losing your lighter or forgetting where you put it, you may find it useful to have a lighter leash. Lighter leashes help in clipping and attaching your lighter to your belt or purse to give you easier access every time you need to smoke or light. Depending on the design and size, lighter leashes can carry standard size lighters to heavier lighters. Lighters are commonly carried by Americans as they are a necessary tool. 

It is not true that only smokers carry lighters as lighters come in handy for numerous everyday situations. If you are a camper, chances are you will probably carry a lighter too. If you frequently carry lighters, then you may have experienced how easy it is to lose your lighters. Because of their small design, lighters can be lost easily either by falling out of your pockets or when stolen by someone else. Your friends may also accidentally take your lighters. 

Because lighters are sold almost everywhere and they are a general-purpose tool, losing a lighter may not be very significant for you. However, if you constantly lose your lighter, then it would be very expensive for you to keep purchasing new ones especially if you frequently use them. Lighter leashes were therefore invented and designed to prevent you from losing your lighter.

Portable And Strong

Lighter Leashes are portable and can be carried everywhere you go similar to your lighter. They can be clipped to your wallet, water bottle, pants, or even your bag, depending on how you wish to access your lighter. Lighter leashes usually have a strong retractable cord of a certain length. This is so that you do not have to keep unclipping and clipping back your lighter, but can instead use the cord to pull your lighter towards you for easier access. 

The cord of the lighter leash is made of a strong material that is hard to break and can alert you if your lighter is being stolen by another person. Thus, your lighter leash will still attach to your lighter and you will not lose it.


Because of its portable and strong design, people are increasingly using lighter leashes for a variety of purposes. Some people use their lighter leashes to clip their work badges or tokens to prevent losing them. A lighter leash doesn’t just have to be used for a lighter. If you have something small that can easily fit your pocket and which you constantly need access to whenever you go out, you should probably clip it to your lighter leash. This prevents you from losing your items as well.

Durable And Cheap

Lighter leashes are durable and cheap. Lighter leashes are usually made of a strong material especially for the cord and clip so that they can attach strongly and quickly to your attire or bag. Lighter leashes can be reused as many times as you wish to unless the cord has broken. Lighter leashes are also affordable and can be found in department stores and convenience shops.



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