A Guide To Storing Alcohol in Hip Flasks
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A Guide To Storing Alcohol in Hip Flasks

  • 02 Dec 21

If you have just purchased a hip flask or are thinking of getting one, you may be wondering what types of alcohol you can put in it. While you can go ahead and simply put water in your flask, the main purpose of a hip flask is to contain spirits. The flask doesn't do well with beverages like beer or wine, nor with cocktails, cream liqueurs, or citrus-based drinks. There are also specific types of liquids never to put in a hip flask, both for safety reasons and to prolong the flask’s lifespan. In this article, we share with you more about storing alcohol in hip flasks.

What Not to Put in Hip Flasks 

While the best thing to put in a hip flask is any kind of spirit, below are some types of liquids never to put in a hip flask:

  • Hot drinks of any kind – the heat can burn your hand when you hold the hip flask
  • Acidic liquids can damage your flask, so they are a major no-no
  • Hip flasks aren’t designed to hold fizzy alcohol or soft drinks as they cannot handle high pressure

Hip flasks are perfect for bringing around and sharing a drink with friends, so you will want to make sure you fill it with the right spirit. 

Which Spirit Will Work Best?

If you have a favorite spirit, regardless of whether it’s a 40-year aged whiskey or supermarket brand vodka, you can never go wrong with it. That is if you are intending to have a drink by yourself. After all, the flask is there for your enjoyment and all that matters is that you love the drink! Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer as long as you avoid the types of liquids mentioned above.

Sharing with Friends 

If you are intending to share your drink with friends, a little more consideration needs to go into your choice of spirit. You will likely want to go for something more expensive. You also have to keep in mind the “smoothness” of the drink. As you are unlikely to have mixers on hand when drinking from a hip flask, you will need to make sure the drink can go down easily enough. You don’t want your friends coughing their guts up from rough liquor! 

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