What Makes Personalized Umbrellas A Great Conference Giveaway
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What Makes Personalized Umbrellas A Great Conference Giveaway

  • 13 Jan 22

If your company is having a conference, it may be time for you to start considering a promotional or giveaway item. This is because the conference is an opportunity for you to showcase your company’s brand, message, and aspirations for the future. It is also an opportunity for you to connect with business partners, industry experts, prospective customers, and other business leaders. You should therefore strive to maximize and gain as many benefits as possible from this conference due to its publicity and importance. Personalized umbrellas are a great choice for a promotional or giveaway item as they are a necessity and affordable. There are so many umbrella designs, materials, and prints you can choose from. Here are some reasons why personalized umbrellas are a great conference giveaway item.

Universal Appeal And Purpose

It doesn’t matter whether you are old, young, or have different fashion tastes and food preferences. Everyone needs an umbrella. Umbrellas thus make a great giveaway item as they have universal appeal for people of all ages. Whether you are living in a tropical area where there is sweltering heat, or somewhere that faces harsh winters and a rainy season, umbrellas can shelter you from the heat, wind, and rain. 

Moreover, people tend to bring an umbrella wherever they go and use it daily depending on their needs and the weather. This allows your company to expand its brand image and message as your customers, business partners, and people present at the conference will use your umbrella and be reminded of your company whenever they use it. 

This bolsters your company’s brand, logo, and image as people are frequently using your umbrellas. Umbrellas also serve a crucial purpose in our everyday lives and you cannot go wrong with giving an umbrella as a giveaway item due to its versatility and necessity.  

Massive Imprint

Umbrellas have enough imprint for you to design your artwork, company logo, or your corporate message. There are also so many creative ways you can design and experiment with your umbrella. However, you should bear in mind that the design of the umbrella should serve a specific purpose and message to your conference audience and should be consistent with your company’s values and brand. 

For example, if your company is focused on recycling products, you can create an umbrella out of recycled products and implement your company’s logo and message on the umbrella. In this way, people will be more mindful and aware of your company’s brand and purpose whenever they use the umbrella. 

They are also more likely to purchase your company’s products and customer loyalty is strengthened. The massive imprint of the umbrella also means that there is huge visibility for your logo and brand. As clients stay sheltered and safe from downpours using your umbrellas, your branding and logo are broadcasted and advertised to others in the public. 

The size of the umbrella also means that even people who are far away can notice your company’s branding and logo. This is further bolstered if the umbrella is used in places with a high population density or in popular attractions. The massive imprint thus expands your company’s reach and is also a form of corporate advertising.



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