What Is A Lighter Leash Used For?
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What Is A Lighter Leash Used For?

  • 24 Jun 22

A lighter leash is not something common that we often make use of on a daily basis. This fact can change if you become aware of the many benefits that this simple yet highly functional tool has to offer. Find out more about how a lighter leash works and what it is used for and start shopping online from CKB Products to enjoy quality items at affordable prices.

What Is a Lighter Leash?

A lighter leash is designed to fit a lighter through a reel system. It automatically retracts the lighter back into its holder when not in use so users will never misplace their lighters again. The lighter leash comes with a clip that can be hooked onto a purse or belt loop. Depending on the size of your lighter, you can select the right type of lighter leash to ensure your lighter sits snugly inside its holder to prevent slipping.

Who Can Benefit from a Lighter Leash?

Anyone who frequently makes use of a lighter stands to benefit from the use of a lighter leash. They can easily light their cigarette without having to ask a stranger. Their lighter will also always be close so as to keep it safe. There will also be no more cases of accidental thefts by friends or strangers to whom they lent their lighters to. There are also workers who regularly need to make use of a lighter like a bartender. By using a lighter leash, they will always have one ready for access whenever a customer asks for a light. Furthermore, since their lighter will be reeled back onto their belt loop or pocket, they do not have to leave their lighters abandoned on the counter or accidentally dropped to the ground. The surfaces could be dirty and in turn, become unhygienic. Their lighter may also drop into puddles of water which can in turn make it unusable or even cause it to break.

Can Lighter Leashes Be Customized?

Customizing lighter leashes can be done at the right place. You can easily input names or initials onto the small exterior space of the lighter leash or even insert a personal photo to make it even more easily identifiable. Since lighter leashes can be customized, they make a unique gift for a special occasion. You can also order in bulk from CKB Products and present the lighter leashes for large events such as a wedding, business seminars, and others.

Lighter Leashes at CKB Products

At CKB Products, apart from lighter leashes, we also offer a broad selection of everyday items at highly affordable prices. We aim to keep our product range as low in price as possible to provide quality items to our customers without breaking their bank. CKB Products is known for our extensive catalog of items such as appliances, children’s toys, and even machinery. We also have a large variety of wedding favors that you can get at discounted prices. For customization requests, send in your orders to our team and we will expedite them out so as to meet your personal schedule.



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