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Trophies Suppliers

If you are a trophies supplier looking for an extraordinary way to impress your clients, then you can count on personalized products, like those that we offer at CKB Products. While we endeavor to give you high-quality products at all times, we also make it a point that we offer one that meets your budget. From us to you as the trophy supplier, there is surely a brand-new option that your clients can make use of for their mementos.

About Trophies Suppliers

Trophy suppliers are perhaps one of the most neglected businesses all around the world. This is because they seem to be only needed for awarding ceremonies, which may not happen all year round. Despite that, they still exist to serve their customers, offering a wide range of choices, and customizing these items according to the occasion that they will be needed.

Basically, trophy suppliers offer personalized trophies using different materials like acrylic, crystal, or glass. Perfect for awards for all occasions and events, suppliers have also transitioned their businesses by adding more items to what they usually offer. In fact, there are those already selling customized tumblers, USB drives, notebooks, ball pens, and all sorts of corporate giveaways.

Attracting More Customers for Trophies Suppliers

If you are looking to make the occasion more special for your clients, you have the option to offer them engraved flasks that can actually serve as trophies for the occasion. At CKB Products, we have wholesale stainless steel flasks and hip flasks that are guaranteed to never go out of style. Our flasks' thickness ranges from 0.4mm for our Standard and Upgraded choices to 0.5mm for our Premium versions. We also make sure that our flasks are safe for use and have complied with the California Proposition 65 Restrictions on Lead and Cadmium. All these underwent rigid product testing through SGS as well.

Aside from these, we also have personalized flasks in our store. Whenever you need one that is fully personalized, but you do not want to spend much money on these items, our wholesale hip flasks are great choices. They can serve as the perfect corporate gift and a great advertising tool for your business.

For trophy suppliers, we recommend our giant flasks like:

·         64oz Custom Engraved Giant Flask

·         64oz Custom Print GIANT Flask

·         64oz Giant Jumbo Liquor Flask

·         GIANT 64oz Laser Engraved Flask

·         128oz Ultra Jumbo 1 Gallon Flask with Optional Laser Engraving

Why Trophies Suppliers Should Buy Wholesale from CKB Products

Noting how stiff the competition is in the world of trophies suppliers, CKB Products endeavors to provide these clients with unique choices that are sure to attract more clients to come and order from them. Our humongous flask sizes are sure to give these entrepreneurs a variety of options without necessarily spending much on them. As a wholesale distributor that continues to deal with manufacturers directly, we make it a point that our clients enjoy between 40% and 90% off the usual retail price for these items.

If you want to grab incredible deals to market your trophies suppliers business to your clients, simply contact us at CKB Products. We have the best wholesale products to serve you and your clients' needs better.