6oz Faux Leather Flask for Men with Monogram

Faux Leather Hip Flask Holding 6 oz - Embossed Design - Pocket Size, Stainless Steel, Rustproof, Screw-On Cap

  • $6.82

  • 6 or more $6.43
  • 50 or more $6.11
  • 100 or more $5.75

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This faux leather hip flask makes a great gift for a man.  What makes this flask faux leather?  The material is made up of a PU (Poly-Urethane) that is manufactured to look and feel like genuine leather even though it is not.  This reduces the cost of the flask without sacrificing the quality look and feel of it.  In fact, 99% of people shown the flask could not tell that it was not real leather unless we told them which means anyone you present the flask to may just assume it is real leather unless you tell them.  We use 100% cotton thread to accent this flask in a pattern that appeals to men (based on a survey in which 100% (25 of 25) men polled like the design of the flask.)  The flask also has an embossed design that helps easily grip the flask as well as make it aesthetically pleasing.  In the lower right hand side is an engraving plate that is the perfect size for three letter monogram or for initials.

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