The Role Of Hip Flasks In Weddings
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The Role Of Hip Flasks In Weddings

  • 02 Dec 21

Hip flasks have always been associated with weddings. When you think of hip flasks, an image of a nervous bridegroom or even the bride taking a quick sip to calm their nerves may come into mind. Today, they make great wedding favors for groomsmen and even bridesmaids. They make the perfect gift for your friends and family attending your bachelor and bachelorette parties. In this article, we share more with you about the role of hip flasks in weddings.

For Use During Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Although venues that serve alcohol may not appreciate it if you bring your own, you can nevertheless gift your groomsmen or bridesmaids a unique hip flask each during your bachelor or bachelorette party. They are perfect for taking a quick sip in between venue changes and the best part is that each attendee will have a keepsake of the event. You can make it even more special by engraving each recipient’s name on their hip flask alongside the date of the wedding. 

As Wedding Favors for Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

On the big day itself, it’s normal to get nervous. Whether the bride or groom requires a quick tipple, a hip flask will come in highly handy. When that’s the case, they may wish for each of their groomsmen or bridesmaids to be gifted with one, too. When you engrave each party member’s name alongside their role in the wedding (such as best man, maid of honor, or bridesmaid), this allows for easy identification, ensuring that nobody will drink from the wrong hip flask! 

As Keepsakes for Guests 

If you are struggling to come up with a wedding favor idea for your guests, how about an elegantly designed hip flask? Of course, you will have to come up with a different favor for underaged guests! Hip flasks also come in handy for storing water, so you don’t have to worry about guests who don’t drink. 

Because they are so compact and useful, hip flasks will make an excellent wedding favor. Your guests will surely use them at some point and when they do, they can be reminded of your big day. You may choose to get a quote that means something special to the two of you engraved on it, or a simple design of your initials and the date. 

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