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Special Event Coordinators

Special event coordinators work hand-in-hand with corporate owners for special events. Regardless of the activity that you are catering to, we have all the products that you need for these occasions. Our comprehensive range includes umbrellas and flasks, which can be personalized according to the activity, or the name of the company.

When you order from us, you get all items at discount wholesale prices. What's more is that we offer free personalization for stainless steel hip flasks and other items that we have in our store. Our gigantic golf umbrellas, and our dependable rain umbrellas are sure to sustain all types of weather during the occasion.

About Special Event Coordinators

Otherwise known as event coordinators or event specialists, special event coordinators take charge of planning, organizing, and ensuring that events go successful all the time. They are critical to the ideation of the entire thing to the packing and cleaning up of the venue, thereafter. Basically, their job description includes liaising with clients, to work out all the details pertaining to the event that they are handling and hosting for them.

In order to keep up with other people offering the same line of services, it is crucial for event coordinators to sell their business using promotional items. Regardless of the industry that you are buying products for, we have everything that you need in our comprehensive inventory.

Attracting More Customers for Special Event Coordinators

There are plenty of items that we can recommend for special event coordinators. In order for you to be able to trim down your choices easier, we have special products for corporate events. You can choose from our flasks and umbrellas.

Our wholesale stainless steel flasks and hip flasks are perfect for any occasion. We also have flask gift sets that you can buy at a wholesale price. Each item is individually leak-tested, thus assuring quality for you and your corporate customer. Among the choices you have in this regard are the following quality choices:

·         Standard: This one is soldered at the joints and is about 0.4 mm thick. It comes in 201 stainless steel and is more of a basic flask.

·         Upgraded: Also made from 201 stainless steel, this one underwent leak testing, and has a polished surface that frees it from dings, scuffs, and scratches.

·         Premium: Made out of 304 stainless steel, and are leak tested, these flasks are about 0.5mm thick. It weighs almost double that of the standard flask that we offer.

Aside from promotional flasks, we also sell promotional umbrellas in different sizes, and colors. Our products are known for undergoing the high-quality heat transfer process to ensure that customized prints will stay on the surface and will not wear off even with the toughest of weather elements.

Why Special Event Coordinators Should Buy Wholesale from CKB Products

At CKB Products, our ultimate goal is to provide our customers, like special event coordinators, with high-quality items at a cheaper price. Since we buy in large quantities directly from manufacturers, we make sure that you will receive the merchandise at incredible discounts too. We back our sale up with a full manufacturer's warranty as well. Whether you are ordering promotional umbrellas or hip flasks from us, we make sure that every piece meets the standard.

If you want to grab incredible deals to market your special event coordinator services to your clients, simply contact us at CKB Products. We have the best wholesale products to serve you and your clients' needs better.