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Designed to provide learning spaces in a non-confined environment, schools are established to be the partners of parents when it comes to molding their children. In order to be effective partners to learning, school administrators make it a point that they share with the sentiments of their stakeholders, while also uplifting the spirits of their investors. Since many people do business with these organizations, it is but proper to ensure harmony at all times.

At CKB Products, we help schools do that. We have a wide range of products which you can use to market your schools to incoming enrollees, or to simply thank your investors for what they have done for you. Whatever your activities are, we have the right products to support your endeavors.

About School

Schools are basically made with learning environments where students are taught through the direction of teachers. Countries all over the world follow a system for formal education, one which is compulsory to that nation. These systems are founded to ensure that students progress in terms of their achievements and learnings.

There are different stages in a student's learning life, that is why there are also different schools that they are expected to attend. Generally, there is a daycare center, then a primary school for young ones. From there, teenagers will go to secondary school, and when they are done with that, they go to a college or university for their higher education. Schools can either be private or public, sectarian or non-sectarian, and a whole lot more.

Attracting More Customers for Schools

Schools are either made for profit or nonprofit purposes. Whatever the case may be, there is always that desire for administrators to keep track and say thank you to stakeholders. Of course, there are also various activities that children and their families can attend when they are in school. All of these are reasons to get tons of umbrellas from CKB Products. Here are some of the product choices that you can order from us:

         Outdoor Rain Umbrellas

o   48" Black and White Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" Dark Navy Blue Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" Green and White Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" Solid Black Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Black Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Red and White Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Royal Blue Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Solid Red Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

         Auto Open Umbrellas

o   48" Pretty Hot Pink Rain Auto Open Umbrella

o   48" Red Auto Open Wholesale Rain Umbrella

         Rip-Resistant Umbrellas

o   48" Royal Blue Rip-Resistant Rain Umbrella

For promotional purposes, you may check out any of the following items in our catalog:

         Blue White Umbrella with your Custom Logo

         Custom Logo Black 48" Umbrella

         Custom Logo Red 48 Inch Umbrella

         Custom Logo Royal Blue Golf Umbrella

         Custom Print Red/White/Blue Umbrella

         Custom Print White Umbrella

         Green/White Custom Print Umbrella for Advertising

         Personalized Black Mini Umbrella

         Promotional Custom Print Navy Blue Umbrella

         White Compact Umbrella with Custom Logo

Why Schools Should Buy Wholesale from CKB Products

At CKB Products, we always make it a point that school owners will attract more enrollees and investors to come and do business with them. We offer cheap yet high-quality products at 40%-90% less than their actual retail price. Buy in bulk with us, and you will enjoy more discounts, which translates to more savings on your part.

If you want to grab incredible deals to market your school services to your clients, simply contact us at CKB Products. We have the best wholesale products to serve you and your clients' needs better.