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Are you working for a nonprofit organization? Are you part of their marketing team? While we understand that nonprofits are established for a specific social cause and that there is really no need to market the company for money, we also know that you want to encourage more people to be with you in your endeavors.

At CKB Products, we have the right products that will help you attract more participants to your events when you are in this type of business. Get mesmerized with our wide array of options, including rain umbrellas, golf umbrellas, rip-resistant umbrellas, and a whole lot more. Whether you are holding an outdoor concert or an indoor conference and it is raining outside after the event, our umbrellas are sure to keep you and every single attendee protected.

About Nonprofits

Nonprofits, or non-profit organizations, are groups that have been founded on purposes other than generating money. This just means that there is no such thing as income for its officers, members, and directors. They are also referred to as non-stock corporations, which means that while they take the form of an individual enterprise, foundation, unincorporated association, corporation, or partnership, there is no amount of money accruing to their services.

There is a whole bunch of organizations operating on nonprofit, as permitted by statutes that govern their principal purposes and existence. Among the most common ones are public clinics and hospitals, charitable institutions, volunteer services, political organizations, schools, churches, labor unions, research institutes, museums, and professional associations.

Attracting More Customers for Nonprofits

The nature of existence for nonprofits simply says that there are hundreds of reasons to join them. What's the need for buying wholesale products then? Well, these products can serve as mementos during social gatherings, perhaps to attract sponsorships for your cause, or whatever reasons that you have in mind.

Give tons of umbrellas as a token of appreciation to members, and other stakeholders. At CKB Products, we have discount umbrellas for you to choose from. Here are some of them:

·         Outdoor Rain Umbrellas

o   48" Black and White Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" Blue and White Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" Dark Navy Blue Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" Green and White Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" Solid Black Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   48" White Rain Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Black Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Navy Blue Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Red and White Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Royal Blue Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

o   60" Solid Red Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

·         Auto Open Umbrellas

o   48" Pretty Hot Pink Rain Auto Open Umbrella

o   48" Red Auto Open Wholesale Rain Umbrella

·         Rip-Resistant Umbrellas

o   48" Royal Blue Rip-Resistant Rain Umbrella

We also use the heat transfer process to easily transfer your organization's logo to our umbrellas. All you need to do is send us your company logo, then we will do the rest of the job for you. You simply need to add a few cents for customization.

Why Nonprofits Should Buy Wholesale from CKB Products

At CKB Products, we understand the varying needs of nonprofits for their endeavors. As such, we always make it a point that you enjoy the discounts that you want while still benefitting from a full manufacturer's warranty. What's more is that we do not require a minimum order, which is proof that we are here to serve your needs best above all others.

If you want to grab incredible deals to market your nonprofit services to your clients, simply contact us at CKB Products. We have the best wholesale products to serve you and your clients' needs better.