Original Lighter Leash - Never Lose Another Disposable Lighter with the Leash
  • Original Lighter Leash

Original Lighter Leash

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Original Lighter Leash

Be sure to keep all lighters on a leash! Never search for or lose yours again by clipping on the Original Lighter Leash. Anticipate lighter thieves and prevent against theft! Often lose your lighters? Have more responsibility as an owner and put your lighter on a leash! You can now give anyone a light and they won’t be running away with it. The Original Lighter Leash is created to hold a standard size Bic lighter or a lighter with a similar size (like Winlite and Clipper). Original Style has a plastic frame (colors might vary) and a spring clip that can be securely  attached to your purse, pants, belt, shirt or pocket. This style clips tightly to a person’s purse, skirt, pocket or belt and gives users an easy and quick accessibility to a light. Each of the Lighter Leash has a durable retractable nylon cord measuring 36 inch. (Lighter is not included) Available in Mini, Premium and Original. Premium and Original - Mini Size- holds a mini sized Bic (or similar) lighter, Standard Size holds a standard sized Bic (or similar) lighter. This Original Lighter Leash is ONE of a kind!

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