6oz Faux Leather Flask with Pink Accents and Engraving Area

Faux Leather Hip Flask Holding 6 oz - Pink Accent Lines Design - Pocket Size, Stainless Steel, Rustproof, Screw-On Cap

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This executive style flask gives a feeling of importance, integrity and sturdiness.  This flask is built to last a lifetime!  The flask starts as a 304 stainless steel body that is wrapped in an ultra-soft (but durable) faux black leather that has been embossed with texture giving it not only depth and a touch of "interesting" but also making the flask easy to grip.  We have inserted two accent lines in pink; one at the top of the flask and the other at the bottom.  In the middle is a square engraving area that is perfect for engraving a name, date and title..example: Gracie, Bridesmaid, 09/17/2020.  This is an elegant compact flask that can easily be carried in your purse or pocket.  Take it to the club and not only impress your friends but save a ton of cash carrying your own alcohol instead of buying $7.00 shots!