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Event Planning Companies

Event planning companies are perhaps the busiest ones all year round. Considering that any business operating for such purposes can be hired by individuals or other companies to facilitate activities and special occasions, it would be good to have a special strategy in mind. If you are part of such companies, what better way to promote your business to your clients than using CKB wholesale products?

We have an assortment of items to offer to our clients in the event planning business. What's more is that we provide FREE personalization, whether it be for engraved flasks or promotional umbrellas. We sell our products at discount wholesale prices, so that our clients will be able to save more on their orders.

About Event Planning Companies

Event planning companies, sometimes referred to as event planners, play a huge role in creating and developing large-scale events like conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, conventions, concerts, festivals, weddings, and a whole lot more. They are tasked with organizing, coordinating, planning, and of course, executing the event. They are hired by corporations to make the event more successful.

Event planners usually go the extra mile to make the event a success. In fact, apart from planning meals and all other activities for the event, they too can encourage corporations to hire or purchase a variety of products that they can use to gain more attention from attendees. Here is where the role of CKB products comes into the picture.

Attracting More Customers for Event Planning Companies

At CKB Products, we have wholesale products that event planning companies can choose from. You can choose to stay dry (most especially when events are held outdoors) by choosing to use our wide selection of rain and golf umbrellas. We also have promotional umbrellas which your clients can make use of to market their products during that said event.

Here are some of the umbrellas that we have in store for you:

·         Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella: This is available in a combination of colors like black and white, blue and white, green and white, and other shades. Solid colored umbrellas are also offered and the choices include dark navy blue, navy blue and red, pink, and black, among others. These are available in 48" and 60" sizes.

·         Auto Open Umbrella: You can choose from pretty hot pink, red, and other colors.

·         Rip-Resistant Umbrellas: Royal blue is a favorite color among our clients.

·         Promotional Umbrellas: This can contain any detail that you want to be personalized for the event.

Custom engraved flasks are also useful for event planning companies. We have an assortment of sizes available, ready for personalization for your upcoming event. All our flasks are guaranteed safe for use by whoever receives them.

Why Event Planning Companies Should Choose CKB Products

At CKB Products, we deal directly with manufacturers so that we can bring to you wholesale merchandise at a price that is definitely lesser than what you can buy on retail. We buy in large quantities and get these items at incredible discounts, so that when you purchase from us, you get the items up to 90% off the market value. Our products also come with a full manufacturer's warranty.

If you want to grab incredible deals to market your event planning companies services to your clients, simply contact us at CKB products. We have the best wholesale products to serve you and your clients' needs better.