Engraving Hip Flask

Engraving Hip Flask

CKB Products offers an extensive catalog of supplies that fall under a wide variety of categories. The comprehensive collection we provide ensures that we are able to meet the pouring demand of the consumer market that is on a constant lookout for quality items at attractive prices. On top of providing variety, we also understand that a certain percentage of consumers may be seeking personalization options. This allows them to obtain unique goods meant for certain occasions. At CKB Products, consumers can take advantage of our engraving hip flask services to engrave personal designs and texts onto different hip flasks.

About Our Hip Flask Engraving Services

CKB Products offers engraving hip flask services which can be completed within just two business days. As we are a wholesale distributor, customers can expect to pay a much lower rate for our engraving services for up to 90% cheaper than other engravers in the market. There are three quality choices of hip flasks for customers to choose from which include the following:

·         Standard Flask Quality – Our standard flask is made of 201 stainless steel which is soldered at its joints. The structure of the flask measures .4mm thick and it functions well as a basic flask.

·         Upgraded Flask Quality – Our upgraded flask is made of the same 201 stainless steel but its joints are laser welded. Each upgraded flask has been leak-tested through the use of pressurized water and air system to ensure the flask does not leak. We also polish each upgraded flask multiple times to get rid of scratches, dings, and scuffs. The flask has a higher quality which makes it more marketable and ideal for resellers.

·         Premium Flask Quality – Our premium flask is made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel which is laser welded at its joints. The flask is also leak tested and its body is .5mm thick which weighs almost double the weight of the upgraded flask. Our premium flasks are ideal as gifts when both quality and value matter.

Benefits of Hip Flask Engraving Services at CKB Products

Our engraving services are affordable which cost 90% cheaper than retail. We offer a quick turnaround rate during off-peak months which can be completed within 2 to 7 days. Our flasks are all safe and individually tested and conform to California Prop 65 standards. There is no minimum order and there are no recurring or setup fees either. We accept any personal designs that include logos, texts, and others.

Popular Hip Flasks to Engrave

Select from our variety of hip flasks to engrave:

·         Distressed Genuine Leather Hip Flask Holders, 6 Oz

·         Custom Engraved Hip Flask Holding - Metallic Grey, Stainless Steel, Leakproof, Rustproof Finish, 8 Oz

·         Discount Hip Flask, 8 oz

·         Genuine Brown Leather Hip Flask Holders, 6 Oz

·         Laser Engraved Hip Flask, 8 Oz

·         Hip Flask Holders with Circle Patterns, 6 Oz

·         Ultra Jumbo 1 Gallon Flask with Optional Laser Engraving, 128 Oz

·         Plaid Golf Hip Flask with Faux Leather Trim, 6 Oz

·         …and more!

Why Choose CKB Products’ Hip Flask Engraving Services?

CKB Products places our customers first. Apart from ensuring top quality is delivered in each of our products, we also absorb any cost increases due to the rapid spike in prices of raw materials. We are always striving to secure first-rate goods to increase our supply while minimizing cost impacts whenever possible so you get quality items at affordable prices.

For more information about our hip flask engraving services, call us at (682) 414-4287 today.