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Engraving Companies

CKB Products is a one-stop shop that offers an extensive collection of general merchandise catered to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Our prices are always kept low to offer our customers with affordable items with a great quality. We are able to achieve this by ordering in bulk volumes from our suppliers which allows us to secure wholesale prices. The savings that we obtain are passed on to our customers, allowing them to gain access to heavily discounted goods and supplies. By working directly with manufacturers, we are also able to ensure the quality of our orders is maintained throughout the whole production process. Engraving companies and other organizations can expect to get hold of high-grade merchandise for all their business needs.

About Engraving Companies

Engraving companies provide engraving services that are performed in mass batches of a variety of items. The most common items that receive engraving requests include plaques, awards, and flasks among others. In the jewelry sector, engraving requests are also accepted by local jewelers, large chain jewelry brands, small boutiques, and private engraving companies. The three main types of engraving include the following:

·         Rotary Engraving – This is a process of permanently cutting logos, lettering, and graphics into metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, pewter, gold, copper, and sterling silver.

·         Inside Ring Engraving – Outside/inside ring engraving allows customers to engrave special messages to signify a special event.

·         Laser Engraving – This is a process of producing logos, lettering, or designs into a variety of materials like acrylic, wood, leather, stone, and coated metals.

How CKB Products Can Help Engraving Companies

At CKB Products, we carry a comprehensive lineup of hip flasks that are blank which are perfect for engraving services. There is a wide variety of styles and sizes for engraving companies to choose from to cater to the needs of their own end customers. Our catalog consists of a total of three different types of quality grades of flasks which include the standard flask quality, upgraded flask quality, and premium flask quality. Each of the standard and upgraded quality flasks is made of 201 stainless-steel and soldered at the joints whereas the premium quality flasks are made of 304 (18/8) stainless-steel and laser-welded at the joints.

Why Should Engraving Companies Work with CKB Products?

CKB Products is known for the low prices that we offer to our customers. On top of our attractive pricing, we are also competent in providing top-notch service and fast delivery that are important for every business. CKB Products also upholds our objective to always provide merchandise that is of a high quality which we are able to maintain by working closely with each supplier. By collaborating closely with manufacturers, we can monitor their production process and return any goods that are in an unsatisfactory condition back to them. Every order is processed efficiently at CKB Products to provide our customers with a fast turnaround rate of 2 to 3 business days.

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