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General supplies are available at wholesale rates from CKB Products catered for businesses and organizations. In order to maintain the highest level of quality, all of our products come from reputable manufacturers with a proven track record in their respective industries. While we strive to offer a broad variety of goods at affordable prices, we never compromise on quality or service. In addition to offering a range of special deals and discount coupons, our website is a great portal for distilleries and other business owners to shop conveniently online.

About Distilleries

A distillery is where hard alcohol such as gin, whiskey, rum, vodka, and others are made. The process of making distilled spirits is pretty similar to a beer-making process. It starts off by mixing some essential ingredients like yeast, grains, and water but there are many recipes that may also require a variety of ingredients. To get high ABV alcohol, alcohol is physically separated from water through the process of condensation and evaporation or otherwise known as distillation. Distillers are used to evaporate mostly alcohol on their own before the vapors are collected and stored in a tube. Cold temperatures are then used to force the alcohol to condense back into liquid form.

How CKB Products Can Help Distilleries

We understand that distilleries regularly conduct tours for the general public who are offered samples of spirits to try. After sampling, the tour members may also be given complimentary spirits as part of their tour package. To maintain the quality of these spirits, they are often stored in flasks which we offer at CKB Products in a wide variety of sizes and styles. There are also several quality grades to be chosen as well as a customization option to consider. Our flask engraving services are cheaper than retail without compromising on the quality of the process. Distilleries can order our flasks in bulk to enjoy further discounts on our already low wholesale prices. We offer a quick turnaround rate for our flask engraving services during off-peak months and we also accept rush orders for urgent requests. Our flasks are all safe and conform to California Prop 65 standards. Every engraving service does not come with any minimum order or setup fees.

Why Should Distilleries Work with CKB Products?

Distilleries that deal with CKB Products can conveniently order all of their general goods like flasks and other essentials through our secure online retail platform. In order to provide our clients with only high-quality items, we work directly with the manufacturers that have been serving the industry for many years. Through this collaboration, CKB Products is able to get wholesale rates by purchasing in bulk from our suppliers, allowing us to pass on the savings to our consumers. These goods are carefully categorized to meet the specific demands of distilleries and other businesses. Additionally, our crew is adept at offering top-notch service, which includes processing every order with speed and accuracy to be delivered in a matter of just 2 to 3 business days.

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