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  • 60" Royal Blue Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

60" Royal Blue Barton Outdoor Rain Umbrella

  • $5.45

  • 12 or more $5.25
  • 36 or more $5.07
  • 180 or more $4.94

60" Royal Blue Umbrella by Barton Outdoors®

This strong royal blue 60" windproof umbrella is a great pick! Never get yourself drenched during rainy days without it. You can easily fit two people under the umbrella, and if you squeeze in, a third as well. It is not massive that you cannot put it away anywhere. At the same time, it’s not small enough to get yourself wet during heavy rain. It has features such as sturdy construction, metal shaft, wind-proof design, storm spring for heavy gusts of wind, rich royal blue color, and genuine hardwood handle. At discounted prices, you can purchase our wholesale umbrellas – and at a discounted price that’s affordable, you can get quality coverage.


This offer is for plain (un-printed) umbrellas. If you need custom printed graphics, logo, or text on this umbrella please CLICK HERE!


Several different umbrellas are offered by CKB Products Wholesale in bulk. You can get them in bulks or singles from CKB and you won’t waste too much money on rainy days.

Suggested Retail Price: $29.95
1.00 pounds each, Item UMROBLUE60

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