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  • C Super Heavy Duty Batteries, 2 Pack

C Super Heavy Duty Batteries, 2 Pack

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C Super Heavy Duty Batteries, 2 Pack

Our Camelion C Super Heavy Duty Batteries will last just as long as the leading brands, guaranteed!

A battery is a product that stores energy and makes it available in an electrical form on demand. Storage in an electrostatic form is practical in some specialized uses (in a capacitor.) Batteries usually consist of electrochemical devices such as one or more galvanic cells or more recently fuel cells, and may in the future use other technologies as well.

Battery sales are on the rise due to the continued introduction of new and unique battery powered products. The battery industry is worth more than 2.8 billion dollars annually. With long shelf lives and quick turnover batteries make a great resale product. They take up little space and yield high returns. Our batteries are all new and can compete with the biggest brands for lasting power. The construction of each battery is designed to ensure they are leak proof and have a long shelf and service life.

You will receive 2 "C" Super Heavy Duty batteries for only $0.70 or, if ordering 144 or more packs the price drops to $0.60. That's only $0.30 cents per battery! Remember, these are top quality batteries! Use our batteries in flashlights, radios, recorders, clocks, stereo's, remote control cars, kid toys and countless other electronic products.

We guarantee our batteries to work, reliably, and at only a fraction of our competitors prices. Let CKB Products be your new wholesale battery supplier!

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99
.35 pound each, Item R14PBP2

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