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  • AAA Super Heavy Duty Batteries, 4 Pack

AAA Super Heavy Duty Batteries, 4 Pack

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AAA Super Heavy Duty Batteries - 4 Pack

Our Camelion brand AAA Super Heavy Duty Batteries will last just as long as the leading brands, guaranteed!

Batteries are simple devices that store energy. You can actually create your own voltaic pile battery using coins and paper towels or aluminum foil, steel and a jar of baby food. But, for those who do not have the time to tinker with a self made battery you can purchase wholesale batteries at

You will receive 4 "AAA" Super Heavy Duty batteries for only $0.70 or, if ordering 288 or more packs the price drops to $0.60. That's only $0.15 cents per battery! Remember, these are top quality batteries! Use our batteries in flash lights, radios, recorders, clocks, stereo's, remote control cars, kid toys and countless other electronic products.

We guarantee our batteries to work, reliably, and at only a fraction of our competitors prices. Let CKB Products be your new wholesale battery distributor!

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99
0.11 pound each, Item R03P-BP4

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