Why Bring Your Hip Flasks To The Fun Fair?
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Why Bring Your Hip Flasks To The Fun Fair?

  • 22 Jul 22

Do you enjoy a casual sip of booze when you are outdoors? Bringing a bottle to a fair can be troublesome especially when you go on rides and have to leave your belongings to the side.  If you are looking for an alternative, a hip flask would be the best option for you.

 Advantages of a Hip Flask

 Stainless steel is the perfect material when it comes to storing beverages. No chemicals can migrate into your drink and you can enjoy your day without worrying about getting a stomach ache the day after! In addition, the material is a very durable metal. It is not susceptible to scratches or dents compared to softer metals such as pewter. With that, you can use your hip flasks for other activities such as skiing, climbing, hiking, or cycling too.

 Drinking at a fair is fun if you wish to facilitate socializing with friends and want to have a good time! The buzz from being at a fun fair is usually heightened with a few sips of your favorite drink from one of our flasks.

 The standard 6oz flasks can fit into your pocket like a glove and are perfect on the go. If you wish to share with your friends, there are many options for larger flasks.

 Hip Flask Options for Fun Fairs

         6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask for $2.52

These heavy-duty and lightweight flasks with a stainless steel composition do not scratch or tarnish easily. The cap has been designed in a way that no liquid will leak while you are on the move or having fun on a ride!

         64oz Custom Engraved Giant Flask for $15.69

Looking to share a drink with your friends? This jumbo flask will be able to last you and your friends the whole night.

         Cigar Case and Drinking Flask Combo

A single unit divided into two sections. This flask can hold two average-sized cigars and 4oz of your favorite booze. Drink and smoke with style and elegance by purchasing our flasks today.

 Wholesale Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

 At CKB products, we provide quality single-quantity flasks, gift sets, and flasks you can buy in bulk. With at least 0.4mm thick stainless steel walls, each flask has been leak tested for quality assurance.

 We offer three quality choices for our hip flasks:

         Standard Flask Quality

Made from 201 stainless steel and functions as a basic flask.

         Upgraded Flask Quality

An upgrade from the basic flask. These flasks are leak tested using a pressurized air and water system and have been polished. If you are a re-seller that wants a marketable flask without the added cost of a premium flask, this is perfect for you.

         Premium Flask Quality

Made from 304 (18/8) stainless steel and is leak tested. The body of the flask is 0.55mm thick and weighs twice as heavy as the standard flask.

 Start looking into getting our hip flasks today. We are committed to providing a product you can trust by supplying quality products at an affordable cost. Whether you are an individual looking just for one flask or a reseller, we can assist with your different needs!



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