What Makes Hip Flasks A Perfect Accessory For All Seasons
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What Makes Hip Flasks A Perfect Accessory For All Seasons

  • 22 Jul 22

Did you know that the term “bootlegged” originated from the hip flasks? During the prohibition many people would hide flasks of alcohol within the sides of their boots and terms such as “hipsters” also originated from this flask, initially referring to those who were bold enough to carry around hip flasks filled with alcohol during this period. Hip flasks have been traditionally used for carrying liquor out of one’s home to a home gathering or event, using this accessory was often a social experience as well, sharing the contents with close friends to enjoy during social events and gatherings. Hip flasks still remain a useful and exciting accessory for this day and age, being a trendy and handy way to store some alcohol to take out of your house. Hence, why are hip flasks a perfect accessory for the modern man?


Hip flasks are the perfect choice for every season, coming in a wide range of different sizes and designs perfect for your respective needs. Unlike decades ago, when hip flasks were only made with stainless steel and pewter, many different materials are now used in the construction of these flasks creating more practical and personal options in the market for you to express yourself. The most trendy choice for hip flasks right now is a stainless steel body with a leather wrapping, allowing for customization in embossing, engraving, and stamping to add your own personal touch to this accessory. Flasks made out of pure gold and silver exist, and your hip flask should be chosen based on the occasions and needs you have for this accessory. So, how are hip flasks the perfect accessory for every season?


Despite the change in the weather from the biting winter cold, a nice shot of warmth from some liquor in your flasks would be perfect for beating the occasional chill. Spring is the perfect time for long walks as we appreciate the changes in nature, and having a nip of alcohol as we enjoy a leisurely stroll down a park can make for the perfect springtime experience for you.


Summer is the season of festivals and fun, with a hip flask being the perfect companion to bring along to these events. Be it a picnic, camping trip, or trip to a beach, a hip flask would be the perfect accessory for any occasion. Enjoy a taste of alcohol as you enjoy your summer festivities, and a cool sip of your favorite spirit can go a long way in making it a summer to remember!


As the weather begins to cool, outdoor events and concerts remain to be a fun way to enjoy the season. From Halloween parties to outdoor concerts and events, a trendy hip flask would be the perfect companion for you to commemorate these events in style.


In the coldest of the four seasons, a hip flask would be a perfect way for you to warm your belly when braving the chills and the cold outdoors. Enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery and the cool winter air with a shot of alcohol to warm your cockles, and embrace this festive season with your favorite hip flask!

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