Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into Any Sporting Events
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Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into Any Sporting Events

  • 22 Jul 22

You have your game face on and you are ready to attend the football event you have been waiting for. The only problem is that booze is not allowed on the premise. But, the ability to feel a little buzzed while you watch your favorite players cannot be missed. There are a few sneaky tricks people have up their sleeve and it is worth sharing with those who don’t know it yet.

 Drink responsibly and don’t get caught! We have listed a few different ways to sneak your booze into any sporting event below.

 The Classic – Water Bottles

 A true classic. Using water bottles to sneak in alcohol has always been a fan favorite. Buy a case of bottled water and pour the water out. Don’t waste the water though! Use it to water some plants or save it to drink later. Fill the new empties with any clear liquor such as vodka and reseal the bottle. There are many ways to reseal a bottle and a tutorial can be found on any site. Lastly, mark the bottom of your alcohol-filled bottles with a marker to ensure that you don’t chug the booze by accident!

 Sunscreen Bottles

 This trick has been gaining popularity in the past few years, but it is worth giving it a shot. It is justifiable to bring a couple of bottles of sunscreen if you would be under the sun all day. The first step is to clean out an empty sunscreen bottle. Wash it thoroughly as you wouldn’t want your booze to be mixed with the chemicals left from the sunscreen! Once done, fill your bottle with any alcohol you would like! It does not have to be clear booze since your bottle would most likely be opaque.

 Cigar Hip Flask

 Are you a fan of cigars and would like to sneak some in too? CKB Products offers a hip flask that can hold two cigars and 4oz of your favorite alcohol. Hip flasks are easy to sneak in due to their shape and size. Besides that, our hip flask is made from 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror shine. It is time to smoke and drink with style and elegance!

 Go Big or Go Home

 When none of these is an option, our 64oz Giant Jumbo Liquor Flask should be your last resort. You shouldn’t be thinking of not trying at least! Not only this flask will be able to last you a few hours into the game, but it would also be a conversation piece. If you are unable to bring it, fret not! At least you would be able to get a couple of shots down before you enter the arena.

 CKB Products Hip Flasks

 No matter what event you will be attending this summer, we have hip flasks for just about everything. Start looking into getting our hip flasks today. We are committed to providing a product you can trust by supplying quality products at an affordable cost. Whether you are an individual looking just for one flask or a reseller, we can assist with your different needs. Contact us to order your hip flasks for the summer! 



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