Ways To Make Your Brand Memorable To Your Customers
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Ways To Make Your Brand Memorable To Your Customers

  • 13 Jan 22

Businesses have to make their brand and products stand out and memorable to customers. The goal of marketing is therefore to spread the word about a company’s products, brand, and message and positively expand the company’s reach. By making your brand memorable to customers, customers will be more likely to come back and spend on your products. This is good for your business and customer retention. 

The way companies advertise their brands and make them memorable has evolved over the past few years due to changing demographics, changing business needs, and the rise of social media as a platform. What is certain is that whichever company is better in the marketing process tends to be more successful and attract more customers. Here are some ways to make your brand memorable to customers.

Involve Your Customers

Whether your products are catered for seniors or youngsters, it is important to make your customers feel involved in the products that you feature and to always take into consideration of your customer’s opinions and feelings. 

An example would be when Netflix launched its interactive specials which allow users to take charge of the movie character’s decisions and influence the outcome of the movie through their actions. Users get to decide on different actions which lead to different adventures, and thus they can watch the same movie over and over again whilst picking different choices for different results and experiences. 

This increases the user’s engagement and makes watching movies more fun whilst giving the user a sense of urgency and empathy for the character’s actions. Studies have shown that Netflix’s interactive specials have helped to boost Netflix’s viewership and increased their subscription rate due to increase user engagement. 

You can involve your customers in various ways, such as allowing them to participate in a monthly store survey on their desired products or input on the design of future products. There are so many ways you can engage your customers and gain valuable and fresh insight through them. This will make your brand memorable as your customers will feel that they have a stake in the decision-making process and also have a choice in the business. 

Promotional Products

One of the best and most effective ways to connect with potential customers is with promotional products. It is important that a business creates personalized and promotional products that are both functional and enduring. Hip flasks, tote bags, umbrellas, and knives can be used to create an advertising campaign that lasts for a long time. Another great thing about promotional products is that whenever the customer uses them, they will think about your business and services. This makes them more likely to patronize your business when they need to in the future.

Social Media 

Your business should also conduct its marketing or advertisement through social media platforms as these are by far the easiest and most effective tactics for attracting new customers and for expanding your business reach. 

If your business is not involved in any social media platforms or does not reach out to customers through social media, it will be very hard to expand your business and get new customers, especially younger ones. 

Ideally, your business should invest a substantial sum into social media to ensure that your business and products keep up with the latest social media and cultural trends. This will help to make your brand much more memorable and resonate with more people.



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