The Do’s And Don'ts
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The Do’s And Don'ts

  • 02 Dec 21

Did you know that there is a set of etiquette around using hip flasks? That’s right: there are some do’s and don’ts to observe when whipping out your flask for a drink. On top of that, you will want to follow some guidelines for keeping your hip flask clean and prolonging its lifespan so that it would last you for many years to come. In this article, we share with you some of the top rules and guidelines to follow when using hip flasks. 

Follow These Do’s

When using a hip flask, always remember to take note of the following:

  • Do offer a drink to anyone around you, even if you are unsure whether they will take you up on the offer.
  • If there are women around, do offer them a drink first before offering one to men.
  • Do keep your flask concealed whenever possible, and when taking it out for a drink, do so discreetly.
  • When filling your flask, do use a funnel. Spills are likely to happen if you don’t use a funnel – and you don’t want to waste any drop of your precious spirits!
  • Do keep your flask tightly closed at all times to prevent it from spilling on you, your clothing, or on others.
  • Do ensure that your flask is clean at all times.
  • Do clean your flask with warm water, or a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Rinse it out until the smell of vinegar is gone.
  • Do buy hip flasks as a gift for your friends!

By following these simple do’s, you can be sure of never offending anyone with your hip flask use!

Never Do These

Just as there are certain do’s to observe, never do these things while using a hip flask:

  • Don’t offer a drink to men first if there are women around – even worse, don’t take a drink in front of anyone without offering them a sip.
  • Don’t keep any liquid in your flask if it’s not going to be used for a while.
  • Don’t use bleach or other chemical cleaners to clean your flask.
  • Don’t offer a drink to anyone below legal age.
  • Don’t take a drink from your hip flask in a religious building, at a funeral, and on other solemn occasions.
  • Don’t take a drink while you are driving or operating heavy machinery – safety always comes first!

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