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Price Matching

Here at we want to insure that you not only receive quality products but get them for the lowest price possible.  While other wholesale companies buy in huge quantities to increase profit we buy in huge quantities to pass along the savings.  In doing this we can guarantee the lowest prices on the internet.  If you find any of our products at a lower price we will match and/or beat our competitor\\\\\\\'s price on all orders placed after finding that lower price.

We are so sure of our prices that we can make and honor this guarantee whole-heartedly.  There are some sites offering the same products but not one has yet to match our prices...WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!

Due to our no minimum order policy and our \\\\\\\"Wholesale to All\\\\\\\" policy this guarantee cannot be honored if the seller of the same product has a lower price due to the following:

1: A wholesale club with membership fees.
2: Has the products for sell in auction format.
3: If the products is being given away or is in conjunction with a promotion.
4: If the company has a minimum order.

We cannot always match the prices of these types of companies due to their revenue being generated in membership fees, quantity ordering or business discount policies.  Sometimes we do make exceptions so PLEASE ALWAYS ASK US TO MATCH/BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE AND WE WILL DO ALL WE CAN TO MAKE YOU OUR HAPPY CUSTOMER!!

The guarantee is based on the TOTAL of the order.  Please be sure to figure in the shipping and handling fees of any competitor before comparing prices.  Remember, we match TOTAL prices, including shipping and handling fees.  We match prices on 99% of the requests and would be happy to work with you!

Prices subject to change.