• Palm Activated Water Squirter

Palm Activated Water Squirter

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You haven't seen a more iconic water gun than this! Unleash Spider-Man real-ness with this palm-activated water squirter that attaches to the top of your hand! The unique water gun makes it appear as though you're shooting web from the back of your hand -- just like Spider-Man. If your kid loves superheroes or Marvel they are sure to love this marvelous toy! The hand-held trigger attaches to the squirter portion with a small clear tube that the water travels through before shooting out of the hole. The hand-held trigger is refillable and holds water, and the squirter attaches to the top of your hand with a flexible elastic band. The trigger is a button you push with your thumb which forces water through the tube and out. Comes in two colors; blue & white with a red trigger button, and blue & yellow with a green trigger button -- perfect for summer fun in the sun and outdoor water battles. Both of the elastic straps are yellow. The plastic toys come packaged inside of a hanging blister pack, one size fits most, and is intended for ages 4+.