3 Ways To Reduce Plastic Usage And Save The Environment
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3 Ways To Reduce Plastic Usage And Save The Environment

  • 11 May 22

Newspaper headlines today highlight the drastic amounts of toxic plastic waste that fill our oceans and choke up landfills. It’s easy to feel as if nothing can be done, and that our individual efforts become insignificant in the face of this astronomical environmental problem. The truth is that small changes can cumulatively become significant over time, and if more and more people are willing to acknowledge this, sizable improvements can nonetheless be made. Most single-use plastic products circulating nowadays came about because of our obsession with convenience. It’s time to change that. Adopt some simple habits to curb the endless generation of plastic waste. 

Bring Your Own Bottle

It may surprise you to hear this, but research has proven that bottled water is actually unhealthier than tap water. The bottled water industry has lax standards compared to tap water production and supply, because of fewer regulations. Buying bottled water means having less confidence in the quality of water you are drinking. Toxins from the plastic bottles can leach into water in transit, under hot conditions. Choose a healthier, more eco-conscious option by carrying your own reusable water bottle with you. Stainless steel bottles or glass bottles are always good options, as they’re easy to clean!

Cut Out Plastic on Your Supermarket Trips

In our desperate quest for convenience, we opt for readily-packaged fresh fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, or use the plastic bags that the store agreeably offers in the produce section, right next to the neatly stacked rows of fruits and veggies. But, if you really think about it, there’s no need for a plastic produce bag! Put them loose in your basket. When you get home, you’d inevitably wash and peel them carefully before eating or cooking, because of pesticide concerns. If you’d prefer to have them well organized, consider investing in some reusable mesh bags - which can hold anything from fruits and vegetables to rice and coffee beans. Home delivery is also an alternative - it helpfully cuts down on plastic packaging and actually can be more convenient, arriving straight at your doorstep. 

Dine In, Less Take-Out

The hustle of everyday modern life has left us scrambling from place to place. We cram multiple tasks into one day, often with little time left for simple indulgences like a leisurely lunch with a friend, or a fortifying breakfast before we head to work. As a result, most people resort to eating and drinking on-the-go, leaving a trail of disposable cups, containers and cutlery in their wake. Try to make time for short and simple breaks when it is time to nourish yourself. Eat in at your favorite cafe or restaurant - it only takes an hour, or half hour. You’d be surprised how much readier you are to face the rest of the day. If spending additional time or money dining in is not an option, don’t fret! Simply bring along a reusable container or cup on your coffee runs and cafe visits, instead of using their disposable take-out containers.



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