Wall-Mounted Vs. Portable Bottle Opener: Pros & Cons
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Wall-Mounted Vs. Portable Bottle Opener: Pros & Cons

  • 11 May 22

Bottle openers do not come in the same cookie-cutter cutter design. There isn’t a standard style, size, or shape, but all of them perform one common function. If you’re deciding between a wall-mounted or portable bottle opener – the two most common openers, we’ll share what’s best for you.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener  

Don’t you hate it when you’ve come home after a long day, crave a beer, but just can’t find your bottle opener anywhere you look? Not being able to enjoy a bottle when you feel like you deserve it most can upset anybody and ruin the mood, and who can blame you? This is where a wall-mounted bottle opener comes in handy. The biggest benefit of owning one is pretty obvious – you can’t lose it. There will never be a situation where you’ll find it between the cushions of your couch or under a stack of newspapers. You can depend on it every time you reach for a cold one because it would always be right where you left it. When you have guests over, they would be delighted to be able to reach for this device whenever they need it without having to constantly ask around where the bottle opener is.

Portable Bottle Opener

If you’re going to a housewarming party or a picnic lunch with a bunch of friends, you can find yourself proclaimed a hero by being the only person in the crowd with a portable opener. Evident in its name, that is exactly its benefit – portability. Pop the top of your friend’s bottle and simply toss it back into your pocket or handbag. For this reason, carrying around a portable bottle opener also makes for an excellent conversation starter with strangers at a party. Great for social butterflies, even better for those who are a little shyer. Your choice of a bottle opener can make a statement, letting people know what breweries you back or which team you support. There is nothing more convenient to carry if you love parties and are always on the go.

Which is Most Suitable for You?

Similar to beer, the best bottle opener for you is one that you like and use the most. There is no point in owning one or the other if you’re constantly thinking about how inconvenient it is to use, which is why we have laid out all the benefits for you to make a decision. Some people hate having to always get up from their seat to where the mounted opener is, especially if they’re watching the final minutes of a game. Others find themselves losing their portable bottle openers often and having to find other ways to get the job done. If you’re stuck between the two, both are reasonable and cost less than a six-pack of beer.

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