Why Bartenders Should Invest In Personalized Bottle Openers
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Why Bartenders Should Invest In Personalized Bottle Openers

  • 19 Apr 22

Will promotional freebies be effective as a marketing tool? Research has shown that the majority of patrons who get promotional items will keep them for approximately eight months. That is much longer than any pop-up advertisements that will likely be visible on a website. Personalized items provide a great platform for business owners to promote their brands. Learn why bartenders should invest in personalized bottle openers as part of their marketing efforts.

Bottle Opener Promotion

Bottle openers are effective as a marketing tool. They are practical and people will most likely continue using them on a long-term basis. The bottle openers may also be passed on to friends and relatives if the recipient does not personally need them. This makes the recipient a brand ambassador who will continuously spread the awareness of your brand to others.

Quality Product

As a business owner, you need to constantly be communicating quality that can be delivered in the form of promotional gifts. You should not be spending money on a custom item that may fail. That can send out a totally wrong message about your brand. A bottle opener is so simple yet highly practical, thus sending out a strong message about the reliability of your brand.

Affordable Price

You need not spend excessively on promotional products. Make sure to get your hands on something that is affordable like bottle openers. This is to ensure that you do not blow your marketing budget. The advisable range is to stick to $13 or less for a custom bottle opener. You could also consider t-shirts or hats but they are so much more expensive and not everyone will wear or use them daily.

Simple Design

It is easy to get hold of a suitable promotional product but deciding on the design of it can be tricky. Customizing a bottle opener is so easy. You can work directly with the distributor and since a bottle opener is small, printing will not take that much time. Add important elements of your brand such as your logo, business contact, and a slogan.

Highly Visible

A bartender needs to open up a bottle several times every hour. This is the number of times that patrons will get to see your company logo as they are usually seated right in front of the bartender. Make sure your brand logo is distinctively printed so people can easily see it even from a distance despite its size.

Brand Promotion

As long as someone is using your personalized bottle openers, the awareness of your brand is being raised. The users will recognize your brand easily and it will be the first thing on their minds whenever they are searching for the products or services that you provide. This can help your business to increase sales and this marketing technique is ideal for long-term advertising.

Always Available

A bottle opener is a tool of the bartender’s trade. It can be bad for your business reputation should your bartender require a bottle opener but it is unavailable. Equipping your bartender with a branded bottle opener can ensure they get to work efficiently without any problem.



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