Why Choose Leather For Your Bible Cover
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Why Choose Leather For Your Bible Cover

  • 15 Sep 22

A Bible is a personal item that means so much to the owner. He or she often studies the Bible for many hours on end every other day. Hence, it is important to protect it against wear and tear that is caused by regular use. If you are looking for a suitable Bible cover to safeguard your Bible from external elements like heat, water, and debris, here is why a leather Bible cover is highly recommended.

Approved by God Himself

The first recorded instance of using leather as a covering was when Adam and Eve’s clothing that is plant-based was replaced by God Himself with those made of animal skins. The clothing made out of plants just did not cut it. Leather was also included in God’s plans for the Tabernacle – some of the coverings for His movable worship place also made use of animal skins. Today, the best way to protect God’s Word, the Bible is by using real leather. It is a by-product of the food industry which is resistant to moisture and highly durable while looking aesthetically pleasing. Leather also feels soft in your hands so you would be motivated to study God’s Word over and over again.

Leather Simply Works

Leather also simply looks great on your bookshelf. Through proper upkeep, leather can last for many centuries to come. There are special collections in libraries with leather book covers that are properly maintained by librarians. They are conditioned regularly by using a special solution to keep the leather book covers in a tip-top condition. If you use your Bible often, there is no need for the special conditioner as your hands contain natural oils that will help maintain the fibers of the Bible cover.

What Does Not Work

For many years, an increasing number of manufacturers have been making use of leather substitutes that are much more cost-effective. Over the previous couple of centuries, you may have even seen plain cloth hardcovers, imitation leather cardboard hardcovers, imitation leather cloth hardcovers, and others. These are plant-based hardcovers that can easily break down over time, especially if used on the regular. You will see tears and scuffs which can be unsightly. There is also the popular bonded leather which is made from 70% grounded leather scraps mixed with a bonding agent. This is not something we would recommend to cover God’s Word. Bonded leather can fall apart easily, and cause damage to your Bible

Bookbinding Leathers

Bookbinding leathers are made of animal hides which are a natural product. You may see a few spots and wrinkles on these leathers which show that they are indeed real. Some of these leathers may be imprinted with grains to improve their appearance. But all leathers go through some kind of manipulation so they look tanned. This process also produces leather in various tempers, colors, finishes, and styles to suit your personal taste preferences.

Other Leathers

Other leathers that are less common include skins from alligator, ostrich, lamb, bison, sheep, and deer. These are alternatives that may at times be too thin, too soft, or too coarse. However, they are much more affordable as compared to real leather.



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