6 Pack Steel Storage Hooks
  • 6 Pack Steel Storage Hooks

6 Pack Steel Storage Hooks

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These two-of-each-kind pack of 6 Steel Storage Hooks is exactly what you need on the back of your closet door, bathroom door, bedroom door, front door, or even kitchen cabinet to hang towels, jackets, coats, hats, purses, bags, and oven mitts and kitchen tools! The hooks feature orange rubber tips to help prevent you or your clothes from scratches and damage. They're made of highly durable stainless steel, can hold up to 15kg of weight, and come in three sizes. The smallest measure approximately 123 mm x 82 mm x 12 mm, the medium two measure approximately 145 mm x 115 mm x 12 mm, and the largest two measure approximately 205 mm x 200 mm x 18 mm. The hooks all come packaged in a blister pack, with screws and screw anchors included in a small plastic bag, and the hooks each feature a hole at the top for seamless screw-in installation!