Therapy Gel Shoulder Wrap
  • Therapy Gel Shoulder Wrap

Therapy Gel Shoulder Wrap

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Everyone loves a spa moment after a long work day, gym day, or a long day out. Receive spa-like treatment at home from this Shoulder Therapy Gel Beads Wrap! These pads are designed to fit over the back of your neck and shoulders, and may provide great shoulder and relief when applied. The beads are placed in various pockets throughout the gel pad, allowing them to distribute evenly throughout the entire wrap and work to their highest potential. The wrap has an adjustable strap for a near perfect fit, and are great for use during hot baths, before bed, and even just for comfort while sitting on the couch watching television. Directions for hot and cold usage come written on the box the shoulder wrap comes packaged in. The heating and cooling pad is made of highly durable plastic, and the gel beads inside are colored blue.