• LaFlare Velvet Remy 10 Strand Medium Individual Eyelashes

LaFlare Velvet Remy 10 Strand Medium Individual Eyelashes

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Stunt while you're out and about, at dinner, at a party, a small gathering, or just creating a makeup look alone for fun with these lengthy and voluptuous VF10M Velvet Remy Eyelashes! The VF10M lashes are medium regular flare lashes. There are 10 strands in each cluster of lashes, and 60 in the whole pack. The clusters are essential for extensions for those who do eyelash extensions on others. and The eyelashes are made of 100% human hair and are guaranteed to be applied easily to the eyes using a trustworthy eyelash glue. Simply apply the lashes either with your fingers or with tweezers, blend them into your natural lashes with quality mascara, and voila -- you now have even more beautiful lashes on your eyes. The pure human hair aids in making the lashes hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and eyes. The eyelashes come packaged in a hanging box with a small plastic window to view the lashes through.