Wristwatch Skin Surface Thermometer
  • Wristwatch Skin Surface Thermometer

Wristwatch Skin Surface Thermometer

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This handy 2-in-1 black Wristwatch AND Thermometer is perfect if you like to keep track of the time, and your body temperature. The soft-touch material being both comfortable and durable. It is one size fits most and features an adjustable wristband with a plethora of adjustment sizes. The LED screen displays red text for the time and skin surface temperature readings and can be adjusted with a small button beneath the display, press and hold this button to switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. A normal average adult skin reading should be approximately 91.0 F to 95.0 F.  Features a 55mAh battery capable of going up to 30 days between charges. The watch charges with an included USB cord. Usage instructions are included inside the packaging, which is a hanging box, along with the watch-thermometer. Note that you shouldn't solely or primarily use this to diagnose disease, and high temperatures should be checked with a secondary source like a medical-grade thermometer.