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How To Use A Hip Flask To Store Liquor

  • 29 Nov 21

Stainless-steel flasks provide users with a convenient and classic way to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while on the go. However, there are several important factors that you need to take into consideration if you are looking to keep your flasks in a good condition longer to ensure your liquor tastes fresh at all times. Get the most out of your hip flasks by learning how to properly use them to store liquor.

Filling Hip Flasks with Hard Liquors

Flasks are intended for use with undiluted spirits. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to only fill hard liquors in your stainless-steel flasks such as whiskey, scotch, vodka, or rum. Avoid mixing your alcohol as mixers may contain perishable or corrosive ingredients that can damage your flask.

Avoiding Easily-Spoiled or Corrosive Liquors

Do not fill your flask with anything acidic, carbonated, or citrus-flavored. These types of beverages have a higher tendency to pick up metallic taste fast which can ultimately damage the metal structure of your flask. You should also avoid storing any cream-based liquors as they can easily spoil if not kept at low temperatures. Other beverages that you should avoid storing in your stainless-steel flasks include the following:

  • Wine and champagne
  • Cider, beer, wine coolers, and other carbonated beverages
  • Citrus liqueurs and other citrus-flavored beverages
  • Cream liqueurs such as Dooley’s or Bailey’s

Using a Funnel to Fill the Flask

Alcohol flasks often come with a narrow opening which may lead to you spilling your alcohol. To prevent a mess and wastage, always make use of a funnel when filling your flask. Place the narrow section of the funnel into the opening of the flask. Make use of one hand to hold the funnel in place and slowly pour in your hard liquor through the wide opening of the funnel. Certain types of hip flasks come with their own funnels for easy filling whereas others may need you to buy your own. Any kitchen funnel can actually do the trick and the smallest one offers the most advantage as it is easy to use and portable.

Avoid Overfilling the Flask

To avoid leaks and spills, always leave a little space at the top of your flask when filling it. Fill to just a little below the neck of the flask with the opening of the flask funnel allowing you to see inside when it is nearly up to its brim.

Avoid Overheating the Flask

The liquor in your flask will pick up metallic taste much quicker if it gets too warm. Store your flask in a bag or a jacket pocket instead of directly against your hip. It also helps to store the flask in an area that is not too warm and away from direct sunlight. If you are not using the flask, store it inside a pantry or kitchen cupboard where it will not get exposed to the sun.

Limit Liquor Storage to a Few Days

Stainless steel is not intended for prolonged storage of alcohol. The longer the liquor stays in the flask, the higher the risk of it picking up unpleasant metallic tastes.


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