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How Much Liquor Does A Hip Flask Hold?

  • 29 Nov 21

Hip flasks are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are great for bringing liquor to an event like a party or a festival or just for emergency refreshment. It may be hard to know exactly just how much liquid each hip flask can hold as there are various sizes and shapes to consider. If you are wondering about hip flask capacity or just how many shots of liquor can a hip flask contain, check out some facts that we have put together below.

How Many Shots Can a Hip Flask Contain?

You need to figure out how many shots the different sizes of a hip flask can contain to ensure that you are always carrying enough for the right type of event. To help you in this topic, we have put together a list of different hip flask sizes and the respective amount of shots that they can individually hold. A single shot is typically 25 ml whereas some pubs may serve up to 35 ml. We will be using 25 ml for our shots breakdown as this is the most widely used measurement.

Hip Flask Shot Sizes

  • 2 oz – Over 2 shots
  • 5 oz – Under 3 shots
  • 3 oz – Under 3.5 shots
  • 4 oz – Over 4.5 shots
  • 5 oz – Under 5.5 shots
  • 5 oz – Over 5.5 shots
  • 6 oz – Under 7 shots
  • 7 oz – Under 8 shots
  • 8 oz – Over 9 shots
  • 18 oz – Over 21 shots
  • 24 oz – Over 28 shots
  • 64 oz – Under 76 shots

Selecting the Right Flask Size

You need to select the most suitable flask size according to your personal needs. Some make use of hip flasks to store emergency liquor whereas others might need bigger capacities as they are going to a bigger event. If a hip flask is too small, you may run out of liquor too soon and if it is too big, it may just weigh you down if you do not need all that alcohol.

Most Popular Flask Size

To date, the 6 oz flask size is the most popular. It can hold just the right amount of shots to offer you with the right supply of liquor for a while. The physical size of the 6 oz hip flask is also not as large and will not burden you in terms of its weight. It can also easily fit in most jackets or jean pockets with no issue.

The Next Hip Flask in Line

The next-in-line size option is the 8 oz hip flask which offers the most amount of shots which round up to approximately 9 shots. This is more than enough to last you the entire night. However, the flask weighs a bit more and it may not fit in all jackets or jean pockets.

A Complementary Drink

If you are looking to mix your liquor with other drinks on your night out, make use of a 4 oz hip flask. It provides just the right little space for a little emergency liquor of up to 4.5 shots. This size of a hip flask can easily fit into a handbag or a small pocket.



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