Top 3 Gifts For Home Bartenders They'll Actually Use
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Top 3 Gifts For Home Bartenders They'll Actually Use

  • 11 May 22

Not everyone has a home bar, but those who do are always so enthusiastic about their collection of knickknacks, accessories, and fun gadgets. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion of theirs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of gifts for home bartenders for you to consider, so you don’t have to look any further.

Juicer for the Perfect Drink

If your home bartender friend seems to own all the fancy gadgets and accessories already, perhaps you may want to consider a more practical gift. That is where a juicer comes in! We’re sure you’re aware – there’s nothing worse for a cocktail fan than a nasty piece of pulp to sully your otherwise perfect drink. Limes, lemons, and even oranges are vital to make nearly any alcoholic drink taste amazing, and they’re even better when squeezed fresh. Sure, they could always squeeze their fruits the old-fashioned way, but a juicer set will be a fantastic addition for anyone who takes this craft seriously. On top of getting every last drop from a lemon, your friend can now sit back and enjoy their time with their guests rather than having to put in the extra work to serve the perfect drink.

A Book of Cocktails

Whether your friend is a beginner or already a world-class sommelier, there is always something to learn about cocktails. There are all sorts of bartending books out there for enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge of recipes or those who want to learn the craft from scratch. From a back-to-basics approach to a deep understanding of the perfect balance of bitterness, salinity, sourness, sweetness, and strength in a drink, you can most definitely find a book for every occasion too! The reason why a book makes for a perfect gift for home bartenders is that it would look great on any coffee table. Any home bartender would be delighted to receive this.

The Perfect Bottle Opener

Having a home bar means there will be plenty of bottles to open whenever guests are over, so a bottle opener is a necessity. If you’ve hung out with your home bartender buddy for a while, you’ll probably know what type would suit them best in terms of convenience and ease. It could be a wall-mounted bottle opener for those who keep misplacing their opener or a portable one for those who like to drink in front of their television. Adding a personalized touch to the item is perfect for this gift as well! Even if you aren’t sure what type would suit their needs best, you could never go wrong gifting this.

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