Fixed Blade And Folding Knives Compared
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Fixed Blade And Folding Knives Compared

  • 11 May 22

Fixed blade knives and folding knives have one obvious distinction. Fixed blade knives have an immovable blade that does not fold into the handle, while folding knives have folding blades that do. Fixed blade knives usually call for a sheath to keep the user protected, while it’s not necessary for folding knives. To choose the right knife for your daily use, you must choose between these two types of knives. So, which type of knife is a cut above the rest? Read on to find out how these blades match up against each other. 

Folding Knives: Pros And Cons

Folding knives are usually the most popular when it comes to everyday carry. This is because they are easily concealed, portable, and handy for daily use. It’s almost effortless to slip your folding knife into your pocket, purse or backpack, along with your phone, keys and wallet. This convenience is a major factor that boosts the popularity of folding knives

Folders are also ideal for routine tasks that incentivise people to own everyday carry knives, like cutting rope, snipping wire or slicing boxes open. Laborers, outdoorsmen and technicians, among many others, own folding knives because of their ability to reliably perform these tasks. Folding knives also come in handy for self-defense. And as compared to fixed blade knives - which are prohibited by law in a number of states - folders are widely permitted across the country, making them less tedious to own in terms of legality.

However, folding knives are difficult to maintain, compared to fixed blades. If you drop your folding knife in the dirt? Cleaning the debris off the hinges of your folder can definitely be more tedious than giving your fixed blade a quick wipe. With more moving parts, folding knives are also more likely to break. 

Fixed Blades: Pros And Cons

A fixed blade’s biggest downside is the folding knife’s greatest advantage. They’re naturally larger in size, and so harder to conceal, and less convenient. Arguably, less people choose to keep a fixed blade knife at hand for everyday use. Still, a fixed blade possesses sizable advantages that should not be overlooked. 

Known for their strength and versatility, fixed blade knives are essential tools for survival in the wilderness. They’re capable of performing various tasks - chopping, hammering, digging, trimming, prying, food prep and first aid. Having a fixed blade on hand outdoors is invaluable. 

The simplicity of a fixed blade knife allows for easy maintenance, but that’s not all! It also ensures that they’re ready for use in a pinch. In a tight situation, they can be easily deployed without fuss. 

Another advantage of fixed blades is that a generous variety of options are available to you on the market. Sizes are limited to whatever a pocket can fit for folding knives, but fixed blades have no such restriction. Enjoy a range of fixed blade knives that come in all shapes and sizes. 

So, What Should You Choose?

Overall, folders are more suited for everyday carry or urban environments. Meanwhile, fixed blades are better for hunters, campers or outdoorsmen. Think about what serves your unique needs, and go from there !



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