CKB Products Offers American Flag Skull Cap and Do Rags @ Cheap Wholesale Prices
  • Faux Leather American Flag Do Rag

Faux Leather American Flag Do Rag

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Faux Leather American Flag Skull Cap/Do Rag

This do rag, also known as a skull cap is trimmed in faux leather and has an American Flag on both sides giving an explosion of color! The bright red, white, and blue colors of the Flag are lovingly crafted with 100% pure cotton. This skull cap is sure to let everyone know that you are American and are proud of your country and your motorcycle. This is a must have for any patriotic biker. Let CKB Products be your one stop shop for all of your motorcycle and riding gear.

Suggested Retail Price: $9.95
0.25 pounds each, Item SKULLCAP21

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