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Protect your property, your valuable inventory and feel safer with wholesale priced fake security cameras from Petty criminals and small-time thieves enjoy the thrill of stealing or vandalizing when an opportunity presents itself but fear and anxiety take over with the thought of getting caught - That is where Mock Security Cameras come in. With a dummy security camera you can fill the mind of a would be villain with doubt and detour them from taking any action.

If you need a fake security camera, check out our selection of dummy cameras and you will see that not only do our mock security cameras look real but they are affordable too. Don't spend lots of money somewhere else when you can buy quality wholesale products from CKB Products

Take a look at our selection and you will see that you can get quality mock security cameras at below retail prices. The best part is... when you buy from you will ALWAYS save money but when you buy in bulk you can save MORE.

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Webcam Video Chat Camera

Webcam Video Chat Camera

As low as: $6.40 each.

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