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  • Cotton Biker Skull Caps

Cotton Biker Skull Caps

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Cotton Biker Skull Caps - Choose from 20 Designs!

Whether you are a biker or not our 100% cotton skull caps will easily wrap around your cranium. These skull caps are produced with rich color and the standard back ties allow them to be a 1 size fits all product. These are high margin skull caps so if you resale you can make tons of ca$h! If you are not reselling these are great gifts for anyone you know or even yourself whether you own a motorcycle or not. Each skull cap fits snugly on your head, in fact, the only thing about this product you will have trouble with is wrapping your head around the ultra-low wholesale pricing!

Choose from 20 Different Styles:
1 - Black Skull Cap with Eagle.
2 - Blue "Patriotic" Skull Cap with White Stars.
3 - Dixie "Rebel" Do Rag.
4 - Blue Skull Cap with Rebel Flag.
5 - Black "Biker Flame" Do Rag.
6 - Maltese Cross Motorcycle Skull Cap.
7 - Black and Red Spider Web Skull Cap.
8 - Tribal Design Do Rag.
9 - "Tribal Flame" Cotton Skull Cap.
10 - Orange "Biker Flame" Skull Cap.
11 - Motorcycle Maltese Cross and Flames Do Rag.
12 - Solid Black Tribal Design Do Rag.
13 - Chinese Dragon and Letter Skull Cap.
14 - Motorcycle "Skull and Crossbones" Skull Cap.
15 - Digital Camouflage Do Rag.
16 - "Blunt" Marijuana Leaf Black Skull Cap.
17 - "Southern Design" White Skull Cap.
18 - "Southern Design" Black Skull Cap.
19 - Italian Eagle Skull Cap.
20 - "Yin-Yang" Black Cotton Skull Cap.

Suggested Retail Price: $12.95 each
0.10 pound each, Item DG801SING

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