Chafing Dish

A chafing dish is defined as a metal dish that can be heated with fuel that is used to keep foods warm and also to cook foods at the table or buffet. But a good chafing dish is so much more! When you buy wholesale stainless steel chafing dishes from CKB you know you are getting a quality dish at the lowest possible prices. Why pay retail for a quality chafing dish when you can buy them wholesale at only a fraction of the cost. You do not need to buy in bulk to take advantage of our attractive competitive pricing.

Our chafing dishes are manufactured under various brands; leaders in design and conceptual development for new products for all your cooking needs. Please note the attention given to the aesthetic appeal as well as the practical and functional design. he solid stainless steel construction will provide a lifetime of stain free use. whether your at special events, holiday gatherings or tailgate parties this chafing dish will make food service quick, easy and stylish.

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