Pocket Knives: 5 Various Uses And Benefits
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Pocket Knives: 5 Various Uses And Benefits

  • 11 May 22

Whether you’re a dedicated outdoorsman, hunter, contractor, craftsman, soldier, or just interested in DIY - you’re guaranteed to benefit from using a pocket knife. Easy to use, portable, and convenient, it’s among one of the best tools you can get! With a foldable design and multiple tools, these knives offer incredible assistance in any task. Here are 5 advantages and practical uses of pocket knives. 

Survival in the Wild

Use your pocket knife to do almost anything - gather kindling for a fire, set up a tent, open a can, slice fruit, or skin small game. Spark a hearty, raging fire with the touch of your blade against a stone. Or make full use of your pocket knife while you fish. After catching a big fish, you’d have to cut the line, or detach your fishing hook from its mouth - all of this can be done easily with your trusty knife. 

Food Prep

You might think it’s not safe, but when you’ve forgotten to pack your fork and knife on your camping trip, a blade can be a perfectly acceptable substitute. Cut the food you’ve brought along - cheese, bread or cured meat - easily with your pocket knife. An apple is also fair game for slicing and dicing. Any fruit can be effortlessly sliced, speared, and brought to the mouth - just as long as you’re careful! Dispatch your pocket knife - if you don’t have a bottle opener at hand - to open cans and bottles you’ve brought along. 


A pocket knife can be readily whipped out of the pocket to cut just about anything. Wires, rope, cardboard, paper - all are acceptable, under the prudent use of a pocket knife. Grasping the sturdy handle of your pocket knife while cutting allows for a safe, effortless experience. Employ your pocket knife for daily use in scenarios ranging from letter opening, to more heavy-duty tasks like cutting thick rope. 

Portable and Versatile

A pocket knife is aptly named - it fits in any pocket. Slot it into the pocket of your jeans, shirt, bag or pouch without any fuss. Travel-sized and highly portable, you can always keep it at your fingertips, ready for use at a moment’s notice. Keeping it at hand means that you can find yourself benefitting from it even in the most unlikely situations. With a pocket knife, you’re always prepared!


All-Purpose and Flexible 

Pocket knives can be very simple, with only one foldable blade. You can accomplish a lot with that singular blade, but multi-tool pocket knives are even better alternatives! See better results with custom tools assigned for specific tasks, all held within a neatly organized gadget. Multi-functional pocket knives can contain a corkscrew, screwdriver, bottle opener or more. Explore the possibilities available to you! Still, there’s no need to worry about getting a pocket knife that’s densely packed with as many tools as possible. Just think about which tools are most vital for your everyday use, and you’ll definitely end up with an affordable product that’s worth your money. 

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