5 Types Of EDC Knives: Which Is Best For You?
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5 Types Of EDC Knives: Which Is Best For You?

  • 27 May 22

The market for EDC knives is robust, with a wide range that accommodates the unique needs and preferences of knife owners around the globe. Having so many options available to you can be overwhelming - how will you know which one’s the perfect fit for you? It’s easier than you think. Let’s break it down to the 5 most common types of EDC knives you can find. 

Folding Knife

The blade and handle of a folding knife is connected by a pivot mechanism. This allows it to collapse upon itself, and the blade folds securely into the handle. Pocket-sized and portable, folding knives are popular everyday carry options. Choose from a range of styles and types. There are single blade folders, as well as multiple blade ones. Blades also come in two types - smooth and serrated. To make an informed choice between smooth and serrated blades, think about what daily purpose the knife would serve. For example, if you use it to slice boxes open regularly, a serrated blade would be a more suitable choice. Overall, folders are safe for daily use, extremely convenient, and adaptable. 

Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed blade knives are composed of a single piece of metal, from tip to handle. To ensure safe usage, the blade should be covered by a protective sheath at all times. These blades are strong and powerful, most suited for outdoor use. Different types of fixed blades serve different purposes. Options available include: hunting knives, survival knives, combat knives and dive knives. To get the best out of your fixed blade knife, you should know exactly how you want to deploy it, to ensure that it matches your needs seamlessly. 

Multi-Tool Knife

Multi-tool knives are most handy for everyday use. All-purpose and flexible, they contain practical tools to perform the tasks that crop up in your day to day. Don’t just limit yourself to a singular blade. Enjoy full access to common tools like bottle openers, wire strippers, screwdrivers and reamers, all within one compact package. Advanced multi tool knives can even contain magnifying glasses, scissors and tweezers. Bring a multi-tool knife along with you on your camping trip, to be prepared for any possibility!

Lapel Knife

Lapel knives are discreet, and easily concealed. Carry them with you in your lapel, tie or sock. Such EDC knives are meant primarily for self-defense, suitable for people who have to make their journey home alone in the wee hours of the night after work, or even solo campers. Lapel knives can be used to defend yourself, or for practical purposes like cutting items. However, this knife does not have a large handle and can easily cut you if you’re not careful, so be mindful when using it. It’s recommended for you to gain experience holding or using knives before including it as part of your everyday carry.

Wallet Knife

Wallet knives can be carried in your wallet at all times, as they are light and compact. They are uniquely designed and come stocked with a small range of other tools for everyday use. Such knives can be employed for simple cutting tasks, or self defense. 



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