How To Carry Your Bible: 5 Case Ideas
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How To Carry Your Bible: 5 Case Ideas

  • 08 Sep 22

As a dedicated student of the Bible, you must already be used to carrying your Bible everywhere you go. You may read the Bible several times a week or on a daily basis. With regular use, your Bible may be exposed to various external elements that can cause signs of wear and tear to appear on your Bible. This is the reason why it is essential to protect your Bible with a high-quality Bible carrying case that can safeguard your Bible from the elements which can include water, heat, and debris.

Why Use Bible Covers

The main purpose of a Bible cover is to protect it from damage caused by regular wear and tear as well as from external elements. In addition, several Bible cover styles can also help you stay organized with all the Bible accessories that you need to carry around as well. For large-print Bibles that can be quite heavy, a Bible cover provides you with convenient carrying straps that will lighten your load.

Cloth Bible Case

This is probably the most affordable option. It has a generic fit that can fit most Bibles but it is more of a Bible case than a cover. You can provide excellent protection from external elements as the Bible case is fully enclosed and comes with a zipper. You can also select from a wide array of prints and patters on its front to suit your personal preferences. Most Bible cases are very roomy, hence you can use the additional space to store your pens, notepad, highlighters, pencils and other Bible accessories.

Leather Bible Case

Leather is much more aesthetically pleasing as compared to cloth. It is also a generic fit case that can fit most sizes of Bibles, offering a little bit more room for storage of essential items. From a protection standpoint, a leather Bible case will safeguard your Bible from heat, moisture, and dust just as much as the cloth Bible case would. Its surrounding zipper will keep your Bible intact at all times.

Leather Bible Cover

A cover differs slightly from a case. It does not come with a zipper but instead, there is a strap for you to wrap around the Bible to secure it. For faux leathers, they can be waterproof but real leather can absorb moisture and may need to be conditioned from time to time to maintain its appearance. You can also choose the type of closures that can range from leather buttons to metal clips.

Simple Leather Bible Cover

These simple leather Bible covers do not come with closures. They simply protect the cover of your Bible but its pages may not be entirely protected from the elements. Simple leather Bible covers are also much lighter and do not provide additional room to store your essential items.

Custom Leather Bible Covers

You can customize the type of closures you want your leather Bible cover to have. You can also select from an array of sizes that fit your individual Bible. For large-print Bibles, you can opt for a bigger cover or you can use the additional space to store Bible accessories.




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