5 Reasons Why You Need A Bible Book Cover
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5 Reasons Why You Need A Bible Book Cover

  • 01 Sep 22

We love our Bibles and we ready it on a daily basis or several times a week. With regular use, it is inevitable for our Bible to suffer from signs of wear and tear that can cause unsightly scuffs and marks. We are called to treasure the Word of God as it eventually becomes the happiness of our heart. If you are looking for a way to honor your Bible, here is why you need a Bible book cover.

Protect Bible

The main purpose of a Bible book cover is to protect it from external elements that can range from water and heat to dust and debris. Whether we carry our Bible around on a daily basis to work or school, it is bound to be exposed to outside conditions. Having a Bible book cover, your Bible will be safeguarded from elements that can cause it to look tattered and torn. Keeping your Bible looking beautiful and well-maintained will motivate you to study the Word of God regularly.


There are many custom Bible covers that you can easily personalize according to your preferences. From the color to the size and style of the Bible book cover, you can select the different aspects of a cover according to your personal needs. For large-print Bibles, you can choose a much bigger-sized Bible book cover to ensure there is sufficient space to fit your Bible. A larger Bible book cover is also ideal if you are looking for additional room to store other essential items like a notepad, pens, highlighters and other accessories.


Our Lord Himself spent most of His life on earth as a craftsman. Although it is commonly known that Jesus was a carpenter, His occupation tektōn in Greek translates to a general builder who makes use of stone, wood, and other materials to build things. Hence, craftsmanship is an important theme in God’s Word. Today, we too, can take part in the tradition of honouring God with craftsmanship and this includes using quality Bible book covers that are beautifully crafted with durable materials like leather.


For those of us who are constantly writing notes during our Bible study sessions, we need to carry along a wide array of stationeries. From highlighters to bookmarks and notepads to pens, we can easily misplace these essential items if we simply chuck them into our purse. With a Bible book cover, we can make use of the style that offers additional pockets to organize our stationeries. It makes it easier for us to grab our Bible cover and go for our Bible study sessions right away without having to search high and low for our stationeries.

Easy Carrying

As mentioned earlier, there are large-print Bibles which are suitable for those who are far-sighted. These larger Bibles can be quite heavy and difficult to carry on its own. Some bags or purses may not be able to accommodate its size or weight. Hence, using specially-designed large-print Bible book covers will provide you with comfort and convenience when carrying your Bible out.



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